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What is Web/Domain Hosting?

Are you ready to stake your claim on your own piece of cyberspace real estate? If you plan on using the Internet to run an online business, share knowledge, provide information or support a cause you will need web hosting for your personal or business website. If you have an internet connection, you can host a domain name that conveys a sense of what you're doing online. For example, this site is called hosting-DomainNames.com and our focus is one how to host domain names! Once you have selected the right domain name, you can utilize all the Internet resources that are available on your own website; including email, blogs, bulletin boards or any sort of document, data or content that you would like to share from your website. Hosting a domain name on a web host lets other people access the files you make accessible to them.

Which Host is Best for a Personal website?

When deciding which web host is best for a personal website it is important to understand the differences between free hosts and budget hosts. Here are some important criteria to help you decide which web host is right for your family site, a hobby site or an online resume. Personal website hosting runs the gamut in terms of cost; from free up to $15.00 per month. After reading you might think that free is the way to go - but free web hosts almost always place their advertising on your site on their terms. This can wreak havoc on the look and feel of your site, and you may not even want to support the advertising that is being shown. There are also many aspects of free hosting that are not conducive to running a great website, such as restrictions on how much information such as pictures or video can be hosted on your website. When researching which host is best for a personal website, make sure to know and understand that web hosts bandwidth restrictions, FTP restrictions and the cost involved with hosting a website: is there a contract or can you pay month to month?

Which Host is Best for a Business website?

Hosting your business web site is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your online success. The most important aspect of hosting your website is determining what you need so that you can incorporate the appropriate functionality into your website. Will you require a database, a secure server? What kind of traffic should you expect? There are many kind of web hosting packages so it is important to understand what is right for your business endeavors online. Business web hosting varies in price from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars a month. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the best business web site host:
-- Is there an "uptime" guarantee?
-- Does the host perform backups of your information?
-- Are redundant backbone connections available?
-- What type of technical support is available?

Are you ready to host your personal or business website?

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Read this great article on Choosing the Right Web Host:

Choosing the Right Web Host

When choosing the right web host for your site, care, caution and curiosity are advised. Selecting the web host that fits your needs will mean researching ones that have as many of the qualities that you are looking for as possible, and of course, at a price you can afford. Every webmaster's site has different needs and requirements, so select one that meets your needs on a number of levels, whether it's speed, reliability, bandwidth or support.

Research: Determine your needs and the type of website you want. Are you starting a business or starting a small site just for fun? Predicting what you want to happen in the future and what you may need at a later date will save you time and money in the present. Make sure you understand your own personal requirements as well. What is important to you? Support? High bandwidth? Knowing what you want out of a website will help ensure that you get it.

The Mighty Back End:
The back end is where your hosting account resides. While some web hosts operate their own network, some providers will house your hosting account and domain on a larger network. Make sure if you are operating a site that must be "live" at all times evaluate the technical hosting back end (for redundancy, access, security) offered by the Network Operations Center. 

The Almighty Front End: Service and Support
Whether you're new to the whole web hosting scene or are a web hosting expert everyone has questions about their web hosting. The type of customer service (phone, email, ticketing system, etc.) plays a major role in your experience with a particular web host. Pick a web hosting company or hosting provider that you feel comfortable working with.

Look Around: Whether you search the Web or ask around, know what's out there and what is being offered. Since this can be confusing for new webmasters, the presence of Web hosting directories can simplify this process. Hosting Directories will save you time and frustration because they have listed, described, and compared different web hosts. You will be able to search for the web hosts that matches your specific criteria. 

Narrow Down the List: Combine the goals you have determined for your site with the information you have gathered from Web hosting directories, search engine and referral and make a list of hosts you are considering. You can always add to this list later but for now you will have something to work with as you look for the right web host for your site.

Analysis Before Making the Final Decision: Before making the final decision, revisit the sites on your list. Demo the hosting interfaces they provide, test their customer support, ask for information on uptime vs. downtime and read all fine print within contracts.

Make THE Decision: You should be in a good position to make your final decision. All that is left to do is sign up and upload your pages to the Web Host using the instructions they provide. 

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